Thursday, July 12, 2012

18 over/under

I've decided not to make the blog for 18 and over only...because even though this is a very adult topic.  Children and teenagers may be going through something right now and find this blog.  I know they feel like they are the only one. That no one will believe them. That it may have been going on so long, it must be their fault for letting it continue to happen.  That they must be asking for it because they go along with it.  But I know that they are confused, brainwashed and the Pervert who is doing this to them is so loved by others that everyone is ignoring their reality....even all the signs are there and others may have even stumbled in on a situation but of course there's always a reasonable explanations from the Pervert.  I want to be able to find some links or something to add to the blog so that they can find resources to getting them out of their misery.

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